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Your child is probably falling behind in school
67% of ALL adults in the USA are behind in reading, 75% are behind in math.
Your child doesn't have to become a statistic 
Education researchers everywhere from nationally recognized think-tanks to Harvard have found over and over that tutoring is the only effective method known to counter the effects of achievement gaps like these.
What does this all mean?

Without help your child has only a 33% chance of succeeding in reading, and a 25% chance of succeeding in math.

At Aflah Tutoring, we improve your child's odds by building on their natural reading and math skills while using precision targeting to assess their specific academic needs.

Tutoring is the only  scientifically proven way to counter, close, and prevent these academic gaps.

Aflah Tutoring combines the latest research in education with the greatest advances in technology to create a highly unique, results driven, tutoring program.

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67% of all students in the United States fall below the national standard in reading proficiency by the end of 12th grade.
Is your child one of them?
3rd Grade Literary Readiness  
Important Facts to Know
3rd grade literary readiness is used as the marker for your child's future success in school and beyond due to a major educational shift: your child moves from learning how to read to using reading to learn; this is the grade year where your child will begin exhibiting signs of a life-long achievement gap.  

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A child who doesn't know how to read by 3rd grade is 4 times less likely to graduate

According to the National Research Council, a child who is unable to read proficiently by the   beginning of 4th grade is unlikely to graduate from high school
High school drop-outs are 3 times more likely to be incarcerated at some point in their life
83% of the USA national prison population is functionally illiterate:  There is a direct link between states with high numbers of students who do not meet the standard of reading proficiency by 4th grade and the overall prison population per capita of that state.  In other words, in states where reading proficiency is low,  for every 100 residents a much higher number of people end up in prison vs states with moderate to high reading proficiency. 

Every student who does not complete high school costs our society an estimated $260,000 in lost earnings, taxes, and productivity
67% of all students in the USA fall below the national standard in reading proficiency by the beginning of 4th grade, 33% of which fall below even basic comprehension

Students from low income areas/families have an 85% chance of being unable to read proficiently by the beginning of 4th grade
A national report on 3rd grade reading readiness by the Annie E. Casey Foundation asserts our current approach to testing and standards masks the extent of the United States' problem with reading proficiency.  Meaning: even students who appear on the surface to be "proficient" may actually be on track to fall behind as well.  Only 16 states have 3rd grade reading standards that meet the National Center for Education Statistics "basic" or low-level reading proficiency.
Mahad Omer - CEO, Aflah Tutoring
"Our mission at Aflah Tutoring is to provide the highest quality tutoring to every community and every family-not just the select few in the highest income brackets.  We believe that affordable means accessible, and a tutoring program founded on excellence means children from every background having the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in school, work, and beyond.  Our team is committed to supporting you and your children through our tutoring program and above all, holding to our promises of quality, care, and results."

Feedback-Corrective Process. Students do better when they receive immediate feedback on their performance and instruction right at that moment to fill knowledge gaps.
Reinforcement is a crucial method for  knowledge retention. Students who practice concepts after learning them do  far better than if they don’t. 
Student learning increased 1.5 sigma over  conventional learning with improved instruction offering higher quality explanations. 
  • And So Much More...
Adaptive Practices
Learning  Each student's journey is personalized continuously based on their proficiency in each concept, optimized to achieve desired mastery with rigorous yet rapidly improving practice.
Assignments - Targeted practice and homework in Math, ELA, Spelling, eBooks and more. Save valuable time with auto-grading and real-time reporting.
Differentiation - Automatically challenge advanced students while reinforcing struggling students to succeed using differentiated learning paths. And So Much More...
we understand that one size does not fit all students. Our method is a 4-step approach that works and truly sets our programs apart — and we have decades of experience, and countless success stories to prove it.

Standards Aligned
Aflah Tutoring is aligned to the National Common Core Standards.

Targeted Practices
We Quickly Identify and close gaps by assigning practice in specific concepts.
precise recommendations for concepts needing practice.

​Instructional Lessons
Students get opportunity to learn content specifically tailored to their learning style